Miss Courtney’s Tea Rooms, Killarney ~

Miss Courtney's Tea RoomsDuring our trip last week Daniel and I spent an hour in one of my favourite places, Miss Courtney’s Tea Rooms in Killarney town.  The tea rooms are a tribute to the old fashioned style of taking afternoon tea in beautiful surroundings, with all kinds of divine cakes and delicate sandwiches on the menu and sweet china cups to sip your tea from.

Naturally being overexcited about my afternoon tea and Daniel’s waffles meant that my shots are a bit blurry, but you get the idea.  This place is a pleasure to spend some time in, the staff and owner Sandra are kind, friendly people who’ll make you feel right at home, so be sure to call in for a visit the next time you’re in Killarney!

Miss Courtney's Tea Rooms FlowersMiss Courtney's Tea Rooms LightMiss Courtney's Tea Rooms WafflesMiss Courtney's Tea Rooms Afternoon TeaMiss Courtney's Tea Rooms

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5 Sweet Notes on Miss Courtney’s Tea Rooms, Killarney ~

  1. olivia says:

    I’ve seen the blog for Miss Courtney’s tearoom, it looks amazing! These photos are beautiful :) x

  2. laura says:

    ohhhh this place looks adorably pretty – better get out the to do list :D

  3. antonella says:

    That china is fantastic! Do you know if there is a similar tearoom in Dublin?

  4. Trish says:

    Oh what beautiful whimsical photos – those pictures would entice anybody to head to Killarney to Miss Courtney’s Tea Rooms.

  5. SaraLynnArt says:

    This looks like such a beautiful, magical place! Gorgeous set of photos…

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