Swans Across The Morning ~

Grasses in the Morning Light | City of Blackbirds PhotographyTrees in the Morning Light | City of Blackbirds PhotographySwans Across the Morning | City of Blackbirds PhotographyBlossom in the Morning Light | City of Blackbirds Photography

Swans Across The Morning

Graceless I navigate the dawn
with a trembling mind and runaway heart
craving this peace, this wild light.

Everything is hushed and sleeping
except the light and the river
restless in the mists, taciturn depths.

Swans wing across the morning
gaudy with their honk and hiss
their clamorous flight stirring life into the stillness.

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8 Sweet Notes on Swans Across The Morning ~

  1. Caitlin says:

    Beautiful words :) love the last part.

  2. Georgianna says:

    Pure magic, words and images. Writing is so, so much one of your greatest talents, √Čad. xo

    • Eadaoin says:

      Thank you so much Georgianna, that means a lot to me as writing is something I’m only returning to recently and I’m trying so hard to be better at it. I really had to squeeze some of these words out, but they came eventually! x

  3. MissLilly says:

    awww gorgeous photos, love it! The 1st one is just gorgeous

  4. kimi says:

    These photos are so so lovely!

  5. val gould says:

    So beautiful….

  6. Polly says:

    Beautiful words and images! x

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