Embracing Autumn ~

Autumn Leaves | City of Blackbirds Photography

I awake to the blue light before dawn and peek through the curtains.  Fresh from dreaming I decide that this morning will do.  It is still enough, light enough, the leaves are turned enough.

As the sun climbs into the east we wrap ourselves up against the freshly arrived cold, then make our way through the morning.  Ice glitters across the country roads and on into the quiet fields and farmyards we pass along the way.

The woods are empty, for a while at least.  But they are blissfully full of forest sounds: droplets dripping from the trees, small birds hopping through the branches, raven calling from the tallest beech.  Here those first rays of light illuminate the season.  Autumn flourishes through the trees in full colour, her touch lending a soft sleepiness to the rush of life that summer left behind.

It’s time to slow down now.  Time to draw in upon ourselves and reflect upon the burst of colour that change brings.  Time to embrace the rich light along with the early dark.  We wander on into the trees, breath catching on the air and old leaves crumbling underfoot.  Captured by beautiful transition, a solace in the truth that life is never entirely still.

Autumn Leave | City of BlackbirdsAutumn Leaves | City of Blackbirds PhotographyAutumn Leaves | City of Blackbirds PhotographyAutumn Leaves | City of Blackbirds PhotographyAutumn Leaves | City of Blackbirds PhotographyAutumn Leaves | City of Blackbirds Photography

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12 Sweet Notes on Embracing Autumn ~

  1. Stunning, stunning. Such light, such bokeh……wow!

  2. Mary says:

    Eadaoin dear, your beautiful words made me feel I was walking through those golden woods with you. Those just have to be beech trees (am I correct?) as I recognize the little leaves from my childhood in England. We gathered the crunchy, odd-shaped nuts in Autumn. I never see beech trees growing here and truly miss them. Then, the blackberry bramble with the spider webs, a stunning image. All the photos are so amazing………….thank you for sharing.

    Hope you are well and enjoying life. Have a wonderful weekend. I’m off to an engagement party this evening – a sweet American girl in our family is marrying a Brit boy from Herefordshire – I made the cutest tag for their gift package with postage stamps of Her Majesty and a tiny Union Jack……..I hope they like it!

    Happy days – stay warm.
    Hugs – Mary XOXOXO

  3. Mary Drea says:

    Wow … it has to be the most beautiful and dramatic of the seasons. It HAS to be. You have captured it’s gentle crunch, its golden hues and the light as it softly seeps through creating that all too familiar dappling effect. These pictures are beautiful :)

  4. Maria says:

    These photos are out of this world Eado!

  5. Dee sewell says:

    Eadaoin, they’re just beautiful, lovely images. Hoping to get out myself today with my daughter too and breathe in Autumn.

  6. Brian says:

    Wonderful Eadaoin. A perfect capture of Autumn.

  7. Your photos are truly magical. Beautiful colours and bokeh.

  8. Mairéad says:

    What beautiful words and images – you have captured some magical moments.

  9. Lisa-Marie says:

    These are beautiful Eadaoin. That first one is just phenomenal. Ooft!

  10. Natasha says:

    Gorgeous photos as always. I love how the light is reflected in each of these, it’s just beautiful and so ethereal.

  11. aafke says:

    thank you for the tour

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