Burtown House ~ Co. Kildare

Back in June I paid a visit to the beautiful Burtown House in Athy, Co. Kildare, and am only just now getting around to sharing the shots I took; the summer has been busy!  I made the trip with my friend Lorna who writes the blog Jardin. Lorna has already written a lovely post about this place, I suggest you call over to her blog for some more photos and an in-depth look at the garden.

Burtown was a joy to wander around, there was so much to explore that we spent several hours there without even noticing the time go by.  The gardens and grounds of the house were lush with blooming flowers.  Every corner we turned revealed something interesting or pretty to admire, from wild spaces to well planned colour combinations and outdoor sculptures.  There were so many roses, the air was heavy with the scent and I hardly knew where to point my camera!

Lorna and I chatted over a delicious meal in the Gallery Cafe, which is supplied as much as possible with food grown in the Burtown vegetable gardens, so the food on your plate is fresh and full of flavour.  We also peered into the studio of the late Wendy Walsh, a talented botanical artist who is much missed since she passed away earlier this year.

We were fortunate enough to bump into James Fennell, one of Ireland’s top photographers (I may have gushed a little!) and owner of Burtown House.  He told us of their plans to open paths through wildflower meadows in the lands around the house, I’m just sorry we were a little too early in the year to see them.  This is a place I will most certainly be visiting again, and would recommend to anyone interested in Irish homes and gardens, it is a wonderful place to spend a day.

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