Powerscourt in Summer ~

A trip to Powerscourt House during the summer saw me spend quite some time among the roses and hydrangeas with my camera.  They were so pretty, I just couldn’t help myself!  It’s one of my favourite places to visit at any time of year, with beautiful gardens that were recently voted the third best in the world by National Geographic.  There’s always something lovely to capture with the camera, no matter the time of year.  Soon their tree lined avenue will be full of lush autumn colour, and no doubt I’ll have to go on another visit to take more shots!

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2 Sweet Notes on Powerscourt in Summer ~

  1. Ute says:

    Your photos are really brilliant and the flowers look so beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing! And I’m already looking forward to seeing your photos of the trees!

  2. Mary says:

    Hello Eadaoin – almost missed this one which would have been really sad. Such a beautiful place and those flowers were so gorgeous in the summer, your pics are fabulous. Hope you can return now the autumn colors are turning – would love to see to more.

    We plan to be in Dublin next February for four days – please go easy on the raindrops – on our way back from a big trip. Will be my very first visit to Ireland and I’m going to love it I know. Would there be public transportation from Dublin to these gardens? We may not be able to hire a car because we are now over 70 and Ireland has odd car hire rules apparently – so are going to have look for trains/buses to get about which is a bit of a nuisance.

    We are excited about coming – Bob’s been before, many years ago. We had hoped to get to Co. Kerry as his grandfather was from Castleisland but of course that’s much too far with our limited time. Any tips you can share with us for Dublin sightseeing with good photo ops would be so appreciated – good restaurants/pubs too of course! If you’re in town we’d love to meet for a drink if you’d like that!

    Enjoy autumn and its beautiful colors Eadaoin.
    Hugs – Mary