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Placed ~ Photo Encaustic Prints

In late January I began meeting weekly with a group of amateur photographers, led by visual artist Sinead McDonald, to discuss and develop ideas for our first photography show.  Last weekend finally saw the result of it all, and after watching everyone work the seeds of their ideas into a full blown photographic project, it was such a pleasure to finally see everything hanging in the Hendrons Collider gallery here in Dublin.

I chose to learn about a photo encaustic method where I layered a mixture of beeswax and resin over soft paper prints.  The result was a set of delicate photos, capturing an altered view of Dublin under many types of light (seen in the photo above, and the last few shots in this post).  I loved working with the wax, and plan to experiment with it further, hopefully I’ll put some more pieces together over the summer.  It was hard to catch how they truly looked with my camera, but I hope you’ll get an idea of it from these photos.

Working with the group was such a great experience.  I learned a lot from them, not only about developing my own ideas, but also about the value of trusted critique and the subjective nature of how we each view art so differently.  I want to extend heartfelt gratitude to Sinead for guiding us so smoothly through our projects, and to the members of TOG who provided the perfect space for us to work in.  And many thanks to those of you who came to our opening night to celebrate with us, and to everyone who visited over the weekend!  For a little more information on the Placed exhibition have a read of this previous post.

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Irish Blog Awards 2011 ~ Update

Hello lovlies!  Are you having a good week? 

I just wanted to share some exciting news – I’m happy to tell you that after round one of judging in the Irish Blog Awards, City of Blackbirds has made it through to the Photoblog shortlist!  I’m chuffed to have gotten this far :)  
There is one more round of judging after which a list of finalists will be made, then the awards ceremony will be held in Belfast to announce each category winner.  So, who knows what will happen after this, but it feels good to have gotten this far!  
Thank you to all of you for your continued support, sweet comments, kind emails and general lovliness! x
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Guest Posts ~ Love & Creativity (Plus More Sprinkles For Extra Sweetness!)

Hello lovely readers, I must say your comments on my Sprinkle post really made me smile, thank you all for your kindness.  I want to let you know that this week City of Blackbirds is being featured on two different blogs.
To celebrate Valentine’s day Twiggs is running a series about love and was kind enough to include some words from me as well as photos from my wedding day last year.  Check it out here: {love… by passionate lovers}
And also, over the last few weeks Kirsty has featured several guest posts on her blog from all kinds of bloggers and I am delighted to be one of them.  I wrote a post for her about finding snippets of creativity in our daily lives, you can take a peek here: Life Through The Lens

Hope you like them!

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