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A Moment in May ~ Bluebell Wood

It’s early, the sun has only been up an hour or so, and you are sitting in the woods.  The light at this moment is sumptuous, a golden haze that exaggerates the bright greens of spring and ever so gently warms your face.  The wood is deep and calm, rich with birdsong: wood pigeon, blackbird, thrush, wren.  As you sit a glittering rain of beech flowers and pollen falls softly on your hair and clothes, a multitude of fragments illuminated as they float languidly to the earth.  This is May in Ireland, our lushest month, the scent of hawthorn and wild garlic are on the air and everything is alive again.

All around you, everywhere you look, are bluebells.  Lighting up the darkest spots beneath the trees where they flourish in the shadows and spill out into every part of the wood.  Thousands upon thousands of flowers, growing silently into the softness of the morning sun.

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Tulips ~ Wordless

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