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Dawn Light in the Apple Tree ~

Apple Tree Bokeh

My favourite time to shoot is out in the golden morning light. It can be almost meditative; stepping out into the birdsong without a soul around, choosing the shot, waiting for the right light, setting up the camera and angle, holding my breath as I focus, and shooting until the image is just right.

You enter a state of intense focus and flow, time slips by barely noticed until the light has moved to a different angle. The kind of image I like to shoot means I’m generally surrounded by nature in a peaceful spot, and I come away from these sessions completely relaxed and happy, usually soaked in dew.

I’ve become utterly convinced that photography is good for the mind and soul (if not for the body too, with all that lifting, bending and stretching!), especially when you venture out into those quiet hours at the beginning of the day.

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Tangled Light ~


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Clover in the Morning Dew ~


For my dear friend Aafke, whose garden is full of birdsong, blooms, and bokeh!

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