A Christmas Giveaway ~

Christmas Tree Bokeh

Hey guys, I know it’s only the very beginning of December but it’s feeling pretty Christmassy here already!  We put up the tree with the help of some family members yesterday, and I’m already half way through my gift shopping.  For me Christmas isn’t just about the 25th of December, it’s about the whole season.  I really enjoy the festive atmosphere around Dublin, searching for beautiful presents, decorating the apartment and soaking up the good feeling that this season brings.  Christmas day is a special one I share with my family, but the weeks before it are equally full of fun :)

To kick off the holiday season lovely blogger Elizabeth of Rosalilium is having a week of Christmassy guest posts on her blog.  To join in the celebration I’m offering a giveaway of a set of three City of Blackbirds prints that you can win!  Have a read of this post to find out how to enter, you have until Friday 4th December to get your entry in!

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6 Sweet Notes on A Christmas Giveaway ~

  1. Andi says:

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Kerry says:

    Yes, it’s all about the ‘season’…winter, lights, food, music and of course family and friends. I would love to spend a Christmas in Dublin one day. Must be magical!

    • Eadaoin says:

      I actually spend my Christmas holidays with my parents in Tipperary Kerry, I love to be home with my family at that time! So while I’ve never spent a Christmas in Dublin, I do love how it looks in the run up to the holidays, it’s always sparkling and has a great atmosphere! Have a great holiday season :) x

  3. Vic says:

    What a gorgeous picture! We’re putting our tree up tomorrow, can’t wait!!