Terms of Use

City of Blackbirds downloads, on both puglypixel.com and cityofblackbirds.com, are subject to these terms of use:

You may:

♥  Use these downloads in both personal and commercial work, in whole and in part, unless otherwise specified.  If a download is for non commercial use only it will say so in the introduction post.

♥  Modify the downloads to your personal preference.

♥  Share the resources with others by linking to the download page, not the file.

♥  It is not necessary to credit City of Blackbirds nor Pugly Pixel when you use these images, but it is always appreciated and I would love to see what you create with them!

You may not:

♥  Print and sell any of the downloaded images, without any alterations, as your own work.  Copyright of each image remains with City of Blackbirds.

♥  Slightly alter an download (e.g. simply change its colour or crop) and sell it as your own work.

♥  Re-distribute or re-package the resources as digital downloads, either solely or as a set.

♥  Sell the images as digital or printed stock photography.

♥ Use the resources for any harmful, pornographic or racist material.